What is an InSales Training?

It is a training program that focuses on taking you through each stage of the sales process with customers. From engagement through to closing a sale our program will give you the skills and confidences to sell products or services to potential clients and customers.  We have broken down our InSales training into 7 different stages.

Module 1: How to build better customer relationships overnight

Learn how to build better customer relationships overnight – introduction to how to ENGAGE, ENTICE & ENCOURAGE customers to want to deal with you long-term.

Module 2: How to effectively ENGAGE & ENCOURAGE your customer’s loyalty

This module will help you to learn how to ENGAGE, ENTICE & ENCOURAGE your customers to buy from you and how to create long term loyalty with internal & external customers.


Dealing with the UPS & DOWNS of customer selling and how to manage your time, clients, managers and work dynamics.

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