What is an IN90 intensive?

An IN90 workshop is about educating you in a specific area of business you need help with. They are an intensive 90 minute learning segment designed to equip you in growing your business. Each workshop will have its own unique learning outcomes for you and they are fully interactive so you can ask questions, share ideas and contribute to the learning of the group.


How to sell with IMPACT:

When I am out connecting with others, I usually get asked one of these two questions…How do I sell my message? OR What is my message?… being in sales for over 21 years I have learnt that the answer is not always simple and in most cases, more work needs to be done to get it right. This 90 min intensive workshop works with you to identify the best way to SELL your MESSAGE with IMPACT and helps you to get it RIGHT.

*GREAT NEWS: INfuzed is an approved Provider for Regional Business Partnership Network and you may be entitled to 50% funding off some or our sales & leadership programmes.

Integrity selling series: How to sell yourself without selling your soul

Integrity selling is important to us. When a salesperson focusses on the $$ more than the client; we believe this will ultimately compromise the salesperson’s relationship with the customer. Once a customer has lost trust in their supplier – it is extremely difficult to repair. This sales training programme is designed to get sales people and teams motivated and confident to succeed with integrity. Results are the key to a salespersons and/or teams success and our goal is to educate, empower and equip attendees to become sales superstars with integrity!

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