By now there are hundreds and thousands of messages circling about COVID-19. Some are informative, instructional, factual, serious whilst others a humorous. Being resilient against COVID-19 is our new norm for 2020 and beyond. Just over a week ago many of us may have been sceptical, others fearful, and some even unsure about what COVID-19’s true impact would be. Today in Lockdown Day 1 (LD1) it is real, we’re at home, the streets are quiet, the earth is resting. COVID-19 it is here and regardless of what happens in the coming weeks, we ALL are affected. We ALL will need to learn a new way of living in this volatile viral environment.

The key focus is to learn resilience in these trying times.

We are now hearing messages that we need to “Unite against COVID-19” and that Jacinda Ardern declares war against COVID-19.  

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What does this really mean?

If we look at World War 1, it began in Europe in late July 1914 and ended November 1918. 20 million were wounded and 17 million were killed. Four years is a long time to live in global war. And, again with World War 2 lasting from 1939 to 1945, which is 2 years longer than WW1. I can only imagine what life was like in these times. The fear, the doubt the uncertainty would have been intense.

For me, waging war against a virus means we aggressively fight against it, we unite and take all means necessary …and we don’t give up the fight. This means we need to nominate special task forces to attack certain areas of vulnerability and come up with effective strategies to overcome.  This is why we need to heed to the guidelines given to us by our government. It will save lives!

The key step here is we NEED to follow through with action.

The good news is we are not at war with two conflicting global sides. We have a chance to unite locally, nationally and globally. We are in this together, let’s choose to be kind to one another!

So, what about our home, family, friends and work life? What does this look like in the coming days in lockdown?

Regarding home, see the opportunity to show and receive love to those you are in isolations with. This is a time to slow down, be patient, be kind and appreciate your loved ones more. This reminds me of a special scripture found in 1 Corinthians 4:1. Love is patient, love is kind, it does envy, does not boast, it is not proud. It is not easily angered, it is not self-seeking, keeps no records of wrongs, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Imagine if we all lived and taught our children to love by these words. (yip, easier said than done) Our home would be more harmonious. If you are alone, reach out and keep in contact with others online or via text, phone. Set daily goals of what you want to do. Practice gratitude, look around, there is so much to be thankful for. Get creative in being thankful and making micro moments that your will remember forever. Your brain connections will fire up and grow proteins that are great for increasing our dopamine and serotonin levels. Lockdown won’t seem so daunting if you choose a positive thinking pattern.

Regarding work, if you are an essential worker, we ALL thank you. Keep your pace, don’t over do it and know that you are a ‘hero’ to us all. If you have a business or employed, many things are uncertain. Take this time to step back and regroup. This is an opportunity for you to shine even more. Look at what is needed and will be needed in the coming months. What skills set do you have or is available within your business that can be utilised to support the COVID-19 impact on us all? Work life has changed, that is a given. While you may deliver a specific product or service, change things up and offer more for less. Again, adopt positive thinking patterns and hope for the best while we prepare for the worst.

Regarding family, friends etc, appreciate them more than ever, message them every day, joke, laugh, cry and talk to them. Make plans to see them post Lockdown and stick to them. Consider all the people you haven’t seen recently, and things you haven’t done, use this time to solidify your desire to act once we are released from Lockdown. And remember, once we are released from Lockdown it’s not sprint race. Pace yourself and do one thing each week that you normally would put off. I sure miss the beach and gym right now! Two things I have taken for granted over the past few months.

In closing, may your LD1 go great! Look for the positives and dismiss what doesn’t go well.

During writing this, there were a few arguments (amongst our 5 kids) and mishaps with a couple of them being “at” each other over little things. I decided to stop, take it slow and breathe before I dealt with it. Within 5 mins it had all settled down again and I’ve been able to finish this.

So there you go!

Should you need business support, especially in your business regarding sales or even creating a COVID-19 business resilience plan, please get in touch by either emailing me on [email protected] or text/phone 021 948 211.

Take care everyone,

With kindness,