ZITA CAMERON –  director

With over 24 years in sales and business development, Zita has worked with large corporate brands such as Southern Cross Healthcare, Blue Star Office Products, Boise, Cardlink Systems and Chubb NZ Ltd achieving growth results beyond expectations. Zita now works with small, medium to corporate businesses designing robust sales strategies and working with their managers and sales teams to achieve next level growth for them. With 5 years experience in facilitating small business mentoring groups, Zita is very passionate about championing businesses to do better and be better in themselves and their business.

The ability to work in many different markets has given Zita the leading edge in understanding what it takes to achieve sustainable growth especially in the office products, construction, security and car sales industries.

“A strong positive mindset is key to achieving beyond your sales targets. This is what makes your sales strategy even more powerful” says Zita.


In 2007, Antony was the Senior Project Manager for A to Z Building Solutions where he had contractors, builders and labourers reporting to him for large renovation projects. Antony has a natural leadership style that is both engaging and effective. He brings a down-to-earth and relatable approach to INfuzed meetings. Antony has a highly creative side to his ‘toolbox’ of expertise and is the energy behind new ideas.

Antony was inspired to create the concept of INfuzed five years ago when he recognised there was a need for an authentic group of small business owners that did things differently. Most small business owners need encouragement, support and a safe place where they can be honest about what’s really going on in their business.

“We are proud to have created a Small Business Community where honesty, integrity and professionalism are always present. Our INfuzed groups will also encourage deeper business relationships within our membership that others can trust and rely on.”



Margaret has been an avid networker in the BOP whilst running her successful business “Personal Style” for more than a decade. Margaret is our Client Services champion who enjoys creating order from chaos and ensuring that the back end of our operations run smoothly. Margaret’s strengths include empathy, attention to detail and a winning attitude to see everyone flourish. She is also a great supporter of growth and a fantastic asset to our business. If you need assistance or would like to know more about our small business groups membership – please contact Margaret.

We want you! – Are you interested in being a part of a dynamic group that cares about small business?

We are looking for vibrant & energised team members who are wanting to “champion” our cause in  supporting small business.