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Welcome to INfuzed 

  Based in Tauranga, we are the Bay of Plenty’s Business Support & Sales Training Company. Our goal is to Educate, Empower & Equip business owners, managers, sales people and teams with the tools they need to succeed. We believe our dynamic business sessions & sales training courses will help you and your team launch your business forward and achieve the results you are looking for. 


 Before a business can thrive it first needs to survive in changing times... 

 COVID19 is a real virus that has had a real impact on everyone.  We will work hard to help you pivot your business during this global crisis and set realistic goals that you can achieve. Our strength is in our energy, our determination, our experience and our strong belief in ourselves and our clients.

If you need help navigating your business and sales growth, reach out to us today by calling 021 948 211 (Zita) or  email [email protected]. 


INSALES Training programmes


Sales Training and development to refine your selling skills, reset your sales mindset and energise you for sales success.



Sales boost & refresher sessions in 90 minutes for small business owners, sales managers, salespeople and sales leaders.


We love to empower teams to energise their performance in work! 


Our Customers trust us

Being a part of the INfuzed Network is a great way to kick-start your business and build networks.  Read below what our customers have said about working with us and what being part of INfuzed has done for them.

When I first approached Zita about using our Events Pronto booking platform for her INfuzed events, she described to me the purpose of INfuzed and the value that it adds for SME’s in the Bay of Plenty. It really struck a chord with me as Booking Rooster is growing so quickly we need to keep a focus on what adds value to our customers and leverage that to grow. The INfuzed group is like a generator of ideas and a very valuable feedback loop to Booking Rooster and Events Pronto. Connecting with like-minded business owners is so valuable and everyone helps and supports each other. Zita is an amazing facilitator, with a wealth of knowledge in sales, along with a very deep understanding of what’s important to a business in start-up or growth mode.

Zita and the INfuzed group adds value to our organisation by challenging our thoughts and supporting our actions. Her purpose is to educate, empower and equip and she’s not kidding! If you have not had a conversation with Zita yet, I would suggest you pick up the phone and talk with her.

Chris Winslade

Booking Rooster

Tailored Training

Need training in areas of business?
We create custom training programmes that lift the experience of yourself and your team.

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