When running a small business many of us start out being:

  1. Customer services & sales
  2. Accountant & book keeper
  3. Legal
  4. Do-er
  5. Marketer
  6. Director, Manager & employee
  7. Order processor
  8. Delivery person

…and so on. Needless to say staff meetings are quite the challenge as you have multiple conversations with yourself about what you are doing well, what needs to change and possibly even disciplinary discussions.

Despite these challenges, there is still an internal drive within all of us to be our own boss, create a flexible lifestyle and allow ourselves to be fully expressed through our business. We can, at times have a love/hate relationship with our small business however we keep going because we just know that it is what we are meant to be doing. OR if you are not feeling this way and it’s been prolonged …then it is worthwhile considering “out” options or restructure your product/service offering.

So amongst all of this we continue to grow as there are many lessons along the way that keep us pushing forward.

What would you say is your best lesson thus far?

For me, it is to reflect on what has worked, not worked and change what isn’t working and stop procrastinating in making the decision I know I need to make. Our last INfuzed group meeting we dug into the fact that what we say “yes” to is essentially saying “no” to something else. And this works in the reverse, when we say “no” to something we are saying “yes” to a new opportunity that may have not presented itself yet. There are times when swift decisions need to be made and other times when we need to ponder a little longer to work out what we really need and what our business needs to flourish.

Tough decisions require deep consideration before you jump to your decision. What is especially exciting is good outcomes will present themselves, only if you choose to believe it. Therefore, is there really a right or wrong decision if you are fixing what feels broken?

This year I have been following books, podcasts and a brain detox programme developed by neuroscientist Caroline Leaf.  She talks about how proteins grow inside your brain when you think positive thoughts. The great news is toxic thinking can be wired out at any time. It is our tendency to embellish in negative thinking that really pulls us down, no matter what we do.

What open my eyes is Caroline Leaf talks about how we are wired for positivity so when we feel unsettled about something it is because our mind is using the brain to reconcile this in some way. So any lesson we learn, whether it feels good or bad at the time; the mind will work to seek the positive learning if we let it. Therefore, it is no surprise these lessons we have learned in our business will turn out to be good lessons when we see the possibilities they present us.

On the flipside, sometimes there are just positive lessons that launch you forward immediately. These are the practical lessons that are GEMS that need to be shared.

I am very curious to hear your best lesson learnt in your small business thus far?

It would be great to hear from you…