Our partners

Our business is empowering business!

Our partners

Our business is empowering business!


About our partners

We believe that a great way to strengthen your business is to collaborate with other businesses that can enhance your growth. Our partners are invested in seeing us succeed and have worked hard to help us become better at what we do and have greatly improved the way we present our business. We are very grateful for the business relationships we have formed and hope to establish more ‘partners’ who have the same vision as us.
Our vision is to EMPOWER business owners to take their businesses beyond their imagination and connect them with businesses that can expand their market opportunities. In todays ‘online’ world it is difficult to navigate what are the more effective ways to grow and sustain your business. We want to connect you with people who can bring answers to the varying questions you face. Not one person has all the answers – together we can find the best answers!
To us ‘win, win’ means both parties equally benefit from the business relationship. We greatly support our partners by contributing towards their growth and are excited to have them join us in our INfuzed journey.

If you would like to explore how to become an INfuzed partner please contact Zita Cameron 021 948 211 or email [email protected].
To find out more about “Our partners” please click on their logo to view their website.

Nettl Tauranga

Nettl is a network of Web Studios. Nettl help businesses promote themselves both online and offline through Responsive Websites, Ecommerce Webshops, Booking applications, HD Printing, Graphic & Web Design, Exhibitions and displays.

Times change. The way businesses promote themselves has changed. And so the printing.com formula has evolved into Nettl. We still do printing (in a big way) and we also do all the online elements that businesses need. Beautiful websites of course, web shops to help clients sell online and maybe booking apps for their restaurant or salon.

Documents With Precision

Documents With Precision (a trading name of Precision Universal LP) was co-founded by Nick McDonald and Phil Waylen after collaborating together on a number of PowerPoint design projects for Nick’s original ‘Precision’ company, Trade With Precision (TWP). TWP is an education company that presents up to 100 hours of PowerPoint presentations every single month for large corporate clients around the world. TWP knew their content was good, but they wanted to make it stand out with visually appealing document design. After trying many sources over about 5 years, Nick finally met Phil while he was working at his previous company.

Small Business Tauranga

Small Business Tauranga (SBT) is a Tauranga Chamber of Commerce network that connects, supports and celebrates the small businesses (under 10 staff) of the region. We make it easy for business owners to join in and be part of a vibrant and supportive local business community.

Business Edge

Business Edge is a unique support business dedicated to empowering business people to become a positive force within their business, community, and nation from a Christian Worldview…. it is the spirit of good business!

Events Pronto

Build your community, boost engagement and take the hassle out of running events and courses with your New Zealand made online event ticketing platform.

  • Drive attendance up
  • Cut admin costs
  • Elevate Brand
  • Enhance customer experience

Whether you run business events, courses, workshops and conferences, or you need to organise bookings for a school reunion, theatre production, fundraisers or youth activities, Events Pronto will help take the hassle out of managing your event.