Over the past 3-4 years I have been working with various sales leaders who have needed my support and direction for how to be better in sales and launch forward in achieving their goals.

There can be many key factors as to why a salesperson or sales leader is struggling with their sales; however, I have seen a particular trend that has especially popped up in the last 6 months that most have in common. 

It’s letting go.

Often a salesperson gets stuck in negative thinking patterns that is likely derived from a bad experience and they continue to cycle through that bad experience not moving forward and resolving it.

And let’s face it, COVID has been quite a doozy for some of us to deal with.

Acceptance of change whether considered good or bad is a necessary life skill. Our past experiences especially if they have been traumatic can cause us to think “this isn’t fair” and then continues with “I had no choice” or  I can’t handle this” and so on.

Our thoughts are extremely powerful and whatever we think about does grow. If we think that the next prospective client isn’t going to like what we offer, guest what? It is very likely that will be true.

If we think clients aren’t going to say YES because of the COVID impact, guess what? They won’t. Extreme times do require extreme measures OR pivoting to get through it. It’s how life is!

So why do we continue to punish ourselves with unhealthy thinking patterns when it is as simple as STOP that thought, capture it and throw it away?

Perhaps we haven’t considered these two steps…. Acceptance & letting it go.

Sometimes the pain of holding on is too familiar and letting go moves us into the unknown. For me I love to be prepared and be a step ahead creating my own success and future. The unknown is scary for me or when something blind sides me; I too have resisted “letting go” for the sake of the comfort in the pain of holding on to what I know.

Sounds like a contradiction, but that is often what can happen in our thinking patterns. One thought or feeling is contradicting another.

Thankfully our brains are wired for love and positivity, so this ‘stuck’ feeling will continue to plague you until you resolve it by letting go and return to a positive state. Just make sure it doesn’t take months or years for this to happen.

Being the people person that I am, I really struggle with letting others down in order to let go of something that isn’t working for me. Therefore, this can also be another barrier for letting go. I love seeing those around me be empowered and strengthened in their confidence as I work with them. This is my greatest fulfilment of my role as a sales trainer, team motivator & sales/business leadership coach.

In the end, I have learnt that holding on, only hurts myself and I am not completely responsible for holding everyone else’s happiness in my two little hands. I just don’t have the capacity to maintain that.

Last year, I let go of a voluntary role that had a positive impact on others & their businesses. This took a process of acceptance and letting go as this role did become all too consuming and affected me both personally and my own business growth. Many months later, I look back with great gratitude for the opportunity to do that work, and now, I also celebrate how far I have come since I let go.

If you are feeling stuck in your sales, work or even personal life. Take the time to reflect on what matters to you most and break things down to the simplest form. There are only three questions you need to ask yourself?

What matters most to you? What do you need to let go of? And what help do you really need? Deep reflection is the starting point to realising a newer future for you.

In light of Mental Health Awareness Week – I would like to OFFER the first x5 responders to this blog a FREE 30min Letting go boost! Reach out to me today to schedule your session and call/text me via 021 948 211 and I would be happy to get your call.

If you need assistance with the letting go part and want more support than just one session, I can certainly help. Or if you are struggling to re-ignite your sales fire and need some practical lessons on how to become more effective in your market. That’s my sweet spot of expertise. You can reach me on 021 948211 (021 ZITA 11), my website www.infuzed.co.nz or email [email protected]

May you have a week full of magic and joy!