What is an InSales Training?

It is a training program that focuses on taking you through each stage of the sales process with customers. From engagement through to closing a sale our program will give you the skills and confidences to sell products or services to potential clients and customers.  We have broken down our InSales training into 7 different stages.


Learn how to SELL overnight – introduction to the InSales Training programme of how to ENGAGE, ENTICE & ENCOURAGE customers to buy from you and learn this overnight.

Module 2: ENGAGE

This module will help you to learn how to ENGAGE your clients quickly and how to progress your potential clients to the next stage in the sales process.

Module 3: ENTICE

This ENTICE module is about learning how to present your offer effectively to help you achieve the sales results you need.


This ENCOURAGE module is NOT about selling as we know it but about learning the BEST approach to closing a sale.


Dealing with the UPS & DOWNS of selling and how to manage your time, clients, managers and business dynamics.

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