Rules Of Engagement

Welcome to the Infuzed style of Networking. We aim to create an empowering & educational professional networking environment, which our members genuinely look forward to being a part of. It is therefore important that our members read and understand what is expected of them and the other members in their group. A breach of our rules will be treated seriously and handled in the appropriate manner out of fairness to all members.



1. We encourage one another by who we are and what we say:

  • We are open-minded towards others and willing to accept their differences.
  • We display integrity by ‘practicing what we preach’.
  • When it comes to expressing our opinions in discussions we avoid confrontational statements such as “You are wrong, no that’s not right”.
  • We refrain from making personal judgments that lead to statements about others that may make them feel uncomfortable or embarrass them.
  • We encourage laughter and humor as long as it does not demoralise or makes others feel inferior.
  • We represent ourselves in an honest and truthful manner.g. We attend the meetings regularly and advise when we cannot attend or will be.
  • We attend the meetings regularly and advise when we cannot attend or will be delayed.We display courage by being honest about our business and the help we really need.
  • We display courage by being honest about our business and the help we really need.
  • We choose to have FUN and be FREE to be ourselves in meetings and at events.


2. We share our experiences and expertise in the light of empowering others:

  • We avoid seeking to make others feel inferior to ourselves.
  • We share openly without pressing obligation on others.
  • We show care and concern for other members.


3. We look for opportunities to help others:

  • Share openly and honestly through positive and constructive input.
  • We encourage through story-telling of our own experiences and the positive outcomes we have experienced.
  • We are pleasant and welcoming to new guests and visitors to our group and events.


4. Act professionally and respectfully in meetings and towards the Meeting Facilitator and other:

  • Mobile phones are switched off during meetings unless prior arrangements have been made with the Meeting Faciltator.
  • We avoid soliciting others in a high-pressure manner.
  • We arrive to the meetings on time or advise MF of our delay.
  • We be present to the meeting’s agenda and participate in the meeting discussion and we acknowledge that our input is valued.
  • We value and respect others input by allowing them to finish what they are saying.
  • If we have unintentionally interrupted another person – we will acknowledge our intrusion if/when it has been brought to our attention.
  • If our behavior has been inappropriate we will apologise to relevant parties.
  • We avoid non-constructive comments and negative feedback that isn’t empowering.
  • We display patience towards others.
  • We use a polite and courteous manners towards Meeting Co-ordinators, members/and or guests during meetings and events.



1. We will openly share information with others that is reliable and truthful to our own skills, knowledge, expertise and experiences:

  • We do not copy or plagiarise other members/guests information or IP.
  • The information we share has been tested and proved reliable to work.
  •  We are truthful about what we know and don’t know.


2. The training and development we provide will be based on our skills, knowledge, expertise and experiences:

  • We do not pretend to teach something we are not experienced in.
  • We embrace others who may know more than us in particular business areas.


3. We represent ourselves in an honest manner and any EDUCATION we provide will be for the benefit of others and their business:

  • The training will be developed to help progress business to the next step.
  • Members can contribute towards the learning aspect.


4. We are open to learn and grow from others.


5. The resources we offer provide value for the recipients and we are open to constructive feedback to improve our offering.


6. We do not misrepresent our product/service offering and will seek to meet our others needs in the group.



1. We will look for opportunities to support other members and to assist them in their business.   We will look for opportunities to support other members and to assist them in their business.

  • We share lessons or experiences that can help others.
  • We advise others of useful ways we can assist them.


2. We actively promote (wherever possible) other members businesses and seek referrals that will help their business.


3. We agree to protect INfuzed member’s sensitive business information and will NOT intentionally or unintentionally disclose business knowledge, information or market secrets to others business owners that may have a conflict of interest with members.


4. We respect other members by paying appropriate fees for additional products,


5. We offer introductions/connections that can help other members.


6. We adopt a ‘giving’ attitude instead of a ‘get’ attitude towards other members/guests.