Why do we need to ask for referrals?

This coming year we will celebrate INfuzed turning five years old. We never considered ourselves as just a networking group; we saw ourselves as more. That being said, I love to network. I love meeting new people, making connections and creating opportunities. My first networking experience was when I was 20 years old and it was a Chamber of Commerce event where I was told to ‘talk to people and hand out my business card’.

Wow, what a crash course in networking!

Networking is the starting point for creating referral opportunities. When we understand the power of developing trusted business relationships – your networks will go the extra mile to support you.
This is why we created our INfuzed groups. We were thinking of the long game and what business owners, sales people and managers really need.
Think of at least three people in business you really trust. Ask yourself, if they came to you and said they really needed your help; what would your response be? I know my response would be – “name it and I’ll do it!”

This is why it is very important to ask for referrals. We assume that people know that’s what we want. Actually, most times they don’t, or they are consumed by their own busy-ness they haven’t stopped to think how powerful a referral could help you in business.

And then there are our customers!

How many times have you had very positive feedback from your customers and you haven’t seized that moment and asked them if they could tell others they know?
Yes, I am guilty of that too.

There are three main barriers that can hold us back from being effective in asking for and/or getting referrals.
1) We lack confidence in asking – we might think it’s presumptuous and afraid we will get a negative response
2) We don’t know what or how to ask
3) We haven’t articulated clearly to others what we really do and why we do it

Here’s a quick way to overcome these challenges:
1) Every week visualise getting at least x3 referrals a fortnight
2) Ask others to support you in your business by mentioning what you do and how you can help them
3) Spend time with your networks cultivating a positive business relationship and building their trust.
4) Do things for others to show the business relationship is a two way street ie give referrals
5) Spend time working on and improving your ‘value proposition’. If you are not clear on this, how will your networks be able to explain what you offer?
6) ALWAYS ask your ‘fans/customers’ to spread the word
‘Word of mouth’ marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business and achieve your business goals. I know of a builder in his 60’s who has been in business for over 40 years and not once has had to advertise. How does he do it?
1) He produces quality work that goes beyond expectations
2) He is affordable
3) He is great at what he does and goes the extra mile
4) He asks for referrals!
Over this fortnight we will be discussing in our groups how we can be more effective in getting and asking for referrals…
What would be your top 10 ways to improve your referrals right now?
We would love to hear your input!

If you are curious about what INfuzed is really about and want to experience a unique form of networking … check us out on www.infuzed.co.nz OR register to visit one of our groups as a guest via https://infuzed.co.nz/guest-registration/

I really hope we meet you soon!

Zita Cameron
Co-founder – INfuzed