It can be very exciting to set out your goals at the start of each year and approach them with a hopeful attitude. I’m certain most of us do this. We may write them down or make mental notes and we may even call them “New year’s resolutions”.

If you haven’t set any goals yet, I encourage you to get a piece of paper and write down at least three goals you would love to achieve this year.

The idea of setting goals is to start afresh and challenge ourselves to BE more and DO more. This is a good thing. We ALL can be MORE and do MORE. The question is… will you choose to believe that you can? It is as simple as that.

Before we can start the path of planning to achieve our goals (or intentions as some may call it) we must go through a time of “letting go” of what we didn’t like about the past year and then “embrace” NEW opportunities for the coming year.

The next step is to then recognise the “disciplines” that we need to put in place. Yes, I agree DISCIPLINE & SELF-CONTROL aren’t really FUN words. However they are necessary to achieve MORE. When we focus on the REWARDS that come from being disciplined in certain areas of our lives (and work) this is what will launch us forward.

…And FUN is a matter of opinion right?

One of my greatest strengths is my ability to break down a goal or target and work out the tiny elements required to achieve that goal. However if I don’t identify the disciplines I need to put in place then I could easily be distracted and not hit my target.

And HITTING the target is what we want to do!

Think of yourself as a business athlete. There is training, commitment and dedication that needs to be applied to your work to see you succeed.

A marathon runner doesn’t just get up and run the race when they haven’t done the work to build the resilience to run the race. He/she must eat well, train regularly, avoid distractions and be disciplined in building strength and fitness to do the marathon run.

This is the same with us in business. We need to train our minds to believe we can do it, continue to maintain a positive mind-set, invest in resources that can improve our performance and work with people who are going to support us in our journey. And most importantly, like a marathon runner we also need to eat well, exercise and keep healthy.

Setting the right disciplines is what keeps us on track and keeps us focussed. And these disciplines help us to say “no” to what isn’t constructive and “yes” to what will help us get to our goal.

I encourage you to take 5-10 minutes after reading this to note down your top 3 goals this year and for each goal x3 disciplines you will set to help you to achieve your goals. PIN this on your office wall or somewhere where you will see it every day.

You will be amazed how this simple action will have a great IMPACT on you this year.

Always remember that WHO you spend time with is most likely who you BECOME.

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