As small business owners we can easily get caught up in being stretched in many directions to keep our business running and bringing the cash flow in and forget to work on ‘growing’ our business. It is this rat race ‘effect’ that tends to hold us back from planning the next level and reviewing what ‘makes us different’ from our competitors.
Regardless of what is in front of us we need to make sure we ‘clock out’ of the every day work regime and look at these important aspects of our business.
With technology always on the move and new advancements on the increase, many businesses face being irrelevant very quickly if they don’t keep up.
One of the biggest strengths a small business has is the flexibility to change and change quickly. When we embrace this strength and use it to our advantage we can transition our business into new realms providing unique offerings that no one else delivers. We can create new unique selling points; therefore, keeping ahead of our market and even creating new markets.
I had a very interesting training session the other day where we did an exercise to work through all the things that made that company different. I was especially impressed when one person made specific references to what they did that no one else could do. She presented a compelling case and I found myself immediately enticed by what she was saying. What impressed me most is she had complete clarity on their USP and was able to quickly articulate this in less than a minute.

Do you know what makes you different? And can you explain it in less than 60 seconds?
If you are unclear – take the time to work this out and list what your competition does versus what you offer. It is a worthwhile exercise and highlights where you may need to make improvements.

If you find yourself struggling to be different – create new innovations, then and there!

Being creative is what small business owners do best!

This fortnight we will be working on what our unique selling point is and challenging our guests/members to identify the benefits they bring their customers.
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