A majority of small business owners start their business because of one or more of the following reasons:
1) Passionate about helping others in a field they know well
2) Love the work
3) Have a trade/expertise they want to monetise
4) Want freedom in their work
5) Want to be their own boss
6) Other…

The difficulty in today’s ‘digital technology’ world is how we reached our market 20, 10, 5, 2 years…even 6 months ago changes so dramatically it can be difficult to KEEP UP with how to attract your audience to win sales.

…And then WHO do you go to get HELP to achieve the right RESULTS?

The key is to understand that marketing fundamentals don’t really change over time. What does change are the vehicles and platforms we use to PUSH our messages out there to ATTRACT our perfect customers.

Last year we discussed a topic in our INFUZED groups: ‘Where is your market and how do you reach them?
This created a powerful discussion and as a result there were some REAL lightbulb moments where members recognised they didn’t understand:
1) Who their KEY customers where;
2) WHERE their customers hang out, i.e. were they on Facebook or LinkedIN?
3) What their customers’ REAL struggles were;
4) How they can DEMONSTRATE their solutions; or
5) WHO they could collaborate with to provide a WIDER market reach.

Because we brought this to their attention our members started to change the way they saw their business, their customers and made the necessary adjustments to get different results. We can’t keep ‘flogging a dead horse’ where our efforts are becoming a money drain with little or no results …we have to do something different!

This is why our meetings are so valuable for our members – we get them to LOOK at what they need to change and MOVE them towards a positive GROWTH curve. Of course, they need to want do this and they must see beyond getting referrals from one-another. I believe that ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’ is definitely a powerful way to market your business…and networking and meeting people is what I love most… However there is MORE to the marketing equation and in our business groups we allow for valuable discussion time to challenge people to think further; the LONG GAME perspective is what will keep your businesses operating.

Over the next 2-3 business group meetings we will be discussing:
1) Why isn’t my MARKET responding? &
2) How do I get more SALES?

When you dig DEEP to answer the hard questions and then decide to make changes; GROWTH will come. We need to SEEK ANSWERS and tap into the right people and networks who can connect us with the right strategies to move us forward.

This is what we do best!

I will be one of the first to put my hand up and say – YES, I got it wrong a couple of years ago… I misjudged my market and the messages they needed to hear from me. Coming from a corporate background the ‘marketing department’ took care of this stuff and all I needed to do was GO out there and SELL. The good news is I made a decision to adapt and teamed up with a brilliant out-sourced marketer who GETS IT and has the RESOURCES, TOOLS and capacity to work with me to DRIVE my business forward. Not to mention, I have put behind me the mistakes I have made in the PAST and now press on into 2018 with a DARE to WIN mind-set.

If you are challenged, inspired and motivated by how we approach business growth we would love for you to JOIN US at our next networking event or business support group. Details of our upcoming networking events can be viewed via www.eventspronto.co.nz/infuzed OR you can REGISTER to attend one of our groups by going to: https://infuzed.co.nz/guest-registration/