Many of us recognise when we have a tendency to lean more towards optimism or pessimism when faced with challenges.
For me I like to think that I lean more towards optimism and repel from negativity. This is why I often get frustrated when I am presented with reasons why something isn’t possible, or all the negatives are highlighted rather than the positives. I am just not interested in the negatives. They generally come from a place of fear, inferiority complex, a need to feel important or it’s become a habit for someone to do so.
And what are we to gain from negatives? Isn’t blind faith bliss?
Whatever the reason, life has enough potential worries of its own without us adding to it.
And yes, I will admit I have defaulted into negativity too and created a pattern of thinking (or was it a fence?) to protect myself from experiencing the feeling of failure or too much success or even loss of control.
So if you feel that you have put everything into your work, business, or relationship and kept a positive attitude as well as focussed on what needs to be done to create what you desire most …
…What do you do when things just don’t go your way?
Do you give up? Absolutely not!
Whatever our motivations are I do believe we ALL have the opportunity to rise above what is in front of us and create something out of nothing…or even something out of a grave of disappointments.
And yes, that is exactly what they can feel like… a cemetery with head stones of all our disappointments in life, work and/or business.
If we for a moment stared at these headstones and recognised the good that came from them; then we can choose to see the opportunities that they present for the future. They are there – its just hard to see (at times) through the tears and grief that we feel in the moment. However, we do need to decide to move on from that moment and say to ourselves “Ok! This has not gone my way. Yet, I will advance from this and I will move forward, albeit baby steps, I will move forward!”
When we apply this to our work/business/life we can let go of what hasn’t worked and allow ourselves to be challenged into doing something new and different. We can choose to see this as a difficult step OR we an choose to embrace change (which is always constant) and allow ourselves to see the rainbow that can follow our storm.

And this is exactly what growth is all about!

If you are presently faced with ‘things not going your way’ then I encourage you to reflect on these two aspects:
1) What changes can you make in your thinking to empower you to move forward successfully? and
2) What practical steps do you need to make (whether easy or difficult) to move you away from your graveyard of disappointments?

If you find yourself thinking ‘well, things are going just fine’ then I do implore you to dare to ask these two questions:
1) How can I launch myself into a new level of growth?
2) What decisions need to be made to enhance growth?

Growth is everything. We need to recognise that is all we have; especially as we age, whilst our bodies are letting go of our youthful blessings… our minds, our souls and our spirits can still continue to grow and flourish.
The degree of which they do so is entirely up to us.
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