Recently I had a conversation with one of my client’s discussing how powerful the strength (or lack) of confidence can affect you in business.

We went on to connect this to the actions or inaction that follow as a result. What was exciting for me is we started energising and building each other up and I came away feeling boosted even further. This is a strong contrast to an experience I had recently where another person’s words and demeanour had the opposite effect.

We need to be very careful who we choose to surround ourselves with as conversations and words do have the power to build you up or tear you down. 80% of the businesses I work with I help them by building their confidence in who they are, what they do and the product/service they provide. Whilst the goal is to upskill them in their sales, my special talent is being able to empower and reignite their confidence and fire for the sales/leadership role they are in.

Confidence can be easily lost just as much as it can be easily gained. It all depends on the company you keep, choices you make and how you let others contribute to how you feel. In business it is especially important to surround yourself with upbeat, energising people who will feed positivity into your day. I feel many underestimate how important this is. Networking can be a great way for you to meet positive, uplifting people who not only have the potential to be your clients but also to be your business friends who support you in all you do. It isn’t necessarily about the quantity of people at an event, it is about the quality of them.

When I reflect on all the activities INfuzed has delivered for more than five years, I am especially proud of the community we have created and the great people that have and still attend our events. I love stepping back from the crowd and observing the chatter and connecting that goes on and I am especially humbled that I played a part in creating that environment for them.

Regardless of the work or business we work in I believe regular networking with like-minded people has a greater benefit than just the transactional potential. I believe we are wired for positivity and connection with our community is what can help keep us feel more centred. Our emotional state plays a huge part in us waking up each day with the confidence to do what we do. My advice is be very guarded about who and where you spend your time and be ultra protective of your confidence. Don’t let anyone or anything steal your confidence by making you feel lesser.

Sometimes it isn’t a person that steals your confidence but actually a past experience retrigged by a comment, a look or a person’s behaviour that steals your confidence. I encourage you to consider today what is stealing your confidence and reflect deeply on how you can unpack it and get rid of it.

If this message resonates with you please reach out to us and come along to one of our unique meetings, training and/or events. I am certain, you will be greeted with a warm welcome and open arms. And if you see me, please introduce yourself. I would love to hear your story and how we can help you.

On another note, if you’re finding that business is just not coming your way and you need a sales boost for yourself and/or your team; our customised sales programmes can help you and/or your team launch forward. And for me there is no greater fulfilment than making a difference in people’s lives and work.

May your week bring lots of smiles and confidence.

With kind regards,