Most of my blogs often ask a question that could be answered in two or more different ways. I do this intentionally as I like to provoke individual thinking and not influence too much how you want to perceive the question. In our INfuzed meetings I apply this and for us this is what collaboration is all about…working together with others to achieve a better result.

In this instance, my question can be looked at from an internal or external perspective…

Are you committed to changing yourself?

OR are you committed to the ever changing landscape of business?

For me… YES I am committed to changing my mind-sets and actions to ensure my business is successful. But what about the things I cannot change? …for example; the outside world, technology and especially BUYER behavioural changes. Am I committed to adjusting myself, my business and its structure to meet these changes?

The answer has to be yes!

Yet, how many of us say we are ‘committed’ but our actions don’t follow through?

If this is describes you then ask yourself these questions:

What is holding me back? Why is this holding me back? And… what can I do about it now?

I implore you to write these things down – it is amazing how powerful the written word can be!

If you find yourself coming up with the many reasons why you have not been able to commit to changing certain things in your business like your staff, resources or direction then look deeper within yourself and find where the passion has gone.

Many times I have found myself making excuses as to why things in my business aren’t the way they should be when in reality if I choose to be passionate enough I will be able to find ways to overcome EVERY obstacle not matter what.

Having a NEVER GIVE UP approach always wins.

All it requires is a tonne of perseverance and patience. The very two things you can have in abundance if you choose to.

My encouragement to you (my valued reader) is to do the following:

  1. Relook at the things in your business that you have said you are committed to
  2. Assess your actual level of commitment
  3. Ask 3 critical questions
    1. What is holding me back?
    2. Why is this holding me back?
    3. What can I do about it now?
  4. Find out what superseded your passion and REMOVE IT
  5. REMEMBER your purpose – this is what will sustain you through any change whether internal or external.

At our next INfuzed meetings we will be discussing the ‘changes’ everyone has faced lately and ideas of how to overcome and break the ‘resistance to change’ barriers.

If you would like to JOIN in our conversation you can email us on [email protected] with your contact details, business name and telephone numbers and we will register you as a guest at our next meeting.

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I hope this blog has been very helpful to you and may you have an incredible week!