Over the past 20 years I have come across business owners from many walks of life and at varying positions of business success. Like most of us they faced, battled and overcome incredible challenges that at the time they never thought they could get through.

I believe the most common issue we ALL face that holds us back in business is:

“We don’t know what we don’t know”.

So how do we find out about what we don’t know?

Well the first step (and most critical step) is we must put our egos aside and then decide to …work, spend time and connect with others who know MORE than us!

There are many places to find such people… I would recommend to spend more time with are Bankers, Lawyers & Accountants….and other business owners.

This is where the strength of the INfuzed concept can be really powerful for small/mirco business owners.

What is the INfuzed concept?

The INfuzed concept is about infusing with other business owners in a Business Group setting where we can all share openly and be respected for our opinions. This is achieved through discussing Business topics that are designed to challenge the way you think and take you beyond your own expertise and experience in business.

We had such a great time exploring  ‘answers’ in our last INfuzed Business Groups meetings that I felt it vitally important that we conduct a ‘Part 2’ version to our ‘Give me an answer’ point for discussion.

You may be thinking…what will be discussed in the Part 2 version of Give me Answer?

For those attending…we will let you decide…

My recommendation is to discuss the Top 3 vital answers that ALL business owners MUST know in order to progress on the path to greater success.

I am certain there will be varying opinions on this however the great news it is very likely we will all learn something NEW.

If you can’t wait ór unable to attend our meetings and want answers now – please post your questions…

We would love to hear from you!

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