At our last INfuzed Biz Group meetings we took the challenge in asking all the difficult business questions that we often hide from.

For me it was fascinating how in each group there seemed to be one particular person who held the answers to most of the questions asked.

So in this fortnight’s topic we are going to attack the key questions that came up for most of us in our business.

If we had the courage to dare to ask questions… the next step is to dare to answer them…

…Get your seat belts fastened because this is definitely going to be a ride you will want to be on!

Have you heard of speed networking before?

OR perhaps speed dating?

Well, this is going to be SPEED answers!

This is an opportunity for you to say …

            “Give me an answer!”

We are going to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience in our groups and get answers for you… for your business!

Just for a taster …here are some of the questions we will be attacking…

  • How do I find my prospective customers?

  • What is strategic lead generation and how can I get better at it?

  • Who can I form strategic alliances with?

  • How do I overcome my clients buying obstacles?

  • What are some ways I can generate more leads?

  • What is LinkedIn and is it worth my time?

  • How do I make more money?

You do not want to miss this meeting – I know I don’t!

If you would like to register for one of our Biz Groups and get involved in being supported in your business – email us today on [email protected]

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