“You just go right or left until the mountain isn’t in your way” are the words of wisdom from my just recently turned 11 year old daughter.

Well, I feel like I couldn’t have said it better myself…definitely an element of profound wisdom in that answer.

We will address this on a practical level in our INfuzed Biz Groups and look at the different ways we can answer this question together.

However to get us started… firstly, you need to identify what the mountain represents in your business …one way to do this is when you picture the mountain…identify what obstructions immediately come to mind?

Is it a lack of…


Effective Systems?

Diligent Staff?




The right contacts?


Belief in your business?

Positive Market conditions?

OR is it an overwhelming stress of…

Not being able to keep up

OR Not knowing what to do next…

The good news is whatever the obstacle is… it CAN be overcome and it CAN be fixed…unfortunately it may take MORE time, MORE money, OR MORE endurance that you were originally prepared for.

In some cases we can invent the mountain to be BIGGER than it actually is which means perspective is a powerful tool to help you overcome.

How do you get better perspective?

One way is to ask other business owners/professionals who are experienced in their field.

In other cases the mountain is as BIG as we see it and determination, perseverance, endurance and shear hard work is required to OVERCOME…and simply by sticking at it –you will get over, around and/or through it.

To take ACTION in anything we must consider there are two elements that need to be recognised…what you truly BELIEVE about yourself and your business and the level of CONFIDENCE you currently have.

When you have both of these elements aligning – anything is possible!

Most people don’t take ACTION because there is a lack of one or the other …OR even both.

This is where our INfuzed Biz Groups can help. Our culture is about EMPOWERING, EDUCATING & EQUIPPING business owners. Knowing that there are other business owners cheering you on and believing in you could potentially be the very thing you are missing in your business right now.

To find out more email us on [email protected]. You will be glad you did!