How can our Rules of Engagement/Code of Ethics protect us?

In a recent INfuzed Business Group meeting we talked about our Core Values and how they affect how we do business.

We agreed that it is necessary to document our Core Values as they establish a brief outline of what is most important to us in our businesses.

Core Values also act as a guide as to how we want to do business and what we expect from others.

One of the key issues we identified in our Business Group Meeting was although we may have our Core Values written down at times their true meaning can be misunderstood. This can then result in having strained employee or business relationships which can contradict what matters to us most.

Therefore, how do we get others to fully understand our values?

This is where Rules of Engagement and/or Code of Ethics become an absolute necessity. Identifying our Core Values are essential…I believe we need to go a step further and develop a ‘document’ that explains exactly what our expectations of our staff, clients and suppliers are and how we intend to conduct ourselves in business when dealing with others. It will hold all parties accountable to what is acceptable and not acceptable in business.

I also believe this document needs to be a collaboration between the Business Owners and/or Managers ensuring the purpose and integrity of the business remains intact.

How will they protect us?

Should we or our staff, clients and/or suppliers behave in a manner outside of our designated ‘rules of conduct’ then we have this document to validate our reasons for addressing inappropriate behaviour. This is valuable protection for you and your business as it empowers you to strive for a higher standard at all times and is a tool for resolving internal or external issues. At the time of writing them you may ask yourself ‘is this really necessary?” my answer is …you will only feel like you need them when you actually need them…my advise is not to get caught out and leave it until it is too late and then you are faced with a situation that you are struggling to manage.

I see them as a valuable shield for your business…and I encourage you to use that shield in those diffcult situations where you find yourself wondering what to do next.

How else can they protect us?

It also gives you an accurate recollection of expectations of yourself, staff, clients and or suppliers and if kept in clear view for everyone to see – it will also be a reminder to enforce immediate consequences for any unacceptable behaviour.  It can also highlight the key differences in values between you and another party and equip you in making better decisions in the selection of staff and contractors going forward.

There are times we can get so far in our business and then recognise that we haven’t written or re-visited the key aspects that fuelled our initial passion for our business in the first place and how we hoped to conduct ourselves.

We encourage you to put all the ‘busy’ stuff aside for one morning/afternoon and write down your  Core Values for your business and then connect them to a “Rules of Engagement and/or a Code of Ethics”. You will be surprised how valuable this will become in helping you maintain the highest level of integrity throughout your business journey.

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