At one of our INfuzed Business Group meetings we asked the question …

What does your business have in abundance?

It was fascinating to see the different answers come out of the various groups and the common strand of what people saw their business having in abundance.

Initially I thought business owners would look at the tangible things their business had ie good staff, computers, offices, marketing collateral etc. But instead it was the intangibles that they focussed on such as integrity, ideas, resilience, knowledge and experience.

But the most powerful word that came up was CHOICES. Our INfuzed Business Groups all agreed that we ALL have an abundance of CHOICES.

This really fascinated me as I have had many conversations with different people over the years who had chosen to believe they didn’t have many choices. So is it simply by having the mind-set that you do actually have an abundance of CHOICES that give you an abundance of CHOICES? I believe so.

Over the past 12 months I have made several choices – some I feel have brought negative outcomes and then others have been incredibly empowering and positive for me.

And going forward… I now choose to believe that I will make the right decisions for me to bring the right outcomes.

So then what is the difference between choices and decisions?

For me, decisions are the action OR outcome of the choices I lay in front of me. Choices are about my options and decisions are about the final action I choose to make.

If you choose that you only have one decision to make – then the decision you make will be based on that limited belief. However, if you choose to believe you have many options and those options are positive then again the decision you make will based on that belief.

Could we go as far to say that choices connect to belief and the decisions made are the outcome based on those two elements?

I believe so.

So how do our choices, beliefs and decisions affect our business?

They affect the overall success and outcome of our business because they are the driver behind everything we do. If we limit our thinking then we limit our business. If we choose to believe in having a successful, sustainable and growing business… then we will achieve this.  Half of the hard work is believing and persevering in our beliefs. It is as simple as that.

The most amazing gift I believe we all have is FREE will.

Some may agree with me on this and others may not. And that is the point, you are FREE to choose what you will agree with or don’t agree with. Freedom is vitally important for every business owner.

This is the core values of our INfuzed Business Groups …we collaborate ideas to help support one another exactly where we are at in our business. This invaluable support means you may not always agree with others but you will be given an opportunity to voice your ideas as well. You will have the FREEDOM to be you.

We can all learn something valuable from one another and when you listen to the expertise of well-established business owners this can then OPEN up a wealth of opportunities and CHOICES you can make for the future.

If you would like to join our business owners in journeying together by collaborating and supporting each other you can choose to REGISTER FREE as a guest by emailing [email protected]. We are confident you will be glad you did!

Thank you again for your time


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