Last year I wrote a blog asking this question …

How do I get my priorities straight?

The essence of this blog was to inspire good management of your “to do” list to help… clear the clutter… clear your mind …to EMPOWER you to see what matters most in your business day.

This year I encourage you to consider this question … Is my business a priority?

In business we make multiple decisions and action them based on our skills, qualifications, experiences and the support people around us.

We juggle priorities leveraging what we can to have a sense of fulfilment or completion by the end of each day.

The tug of war that goes on between doing the necessary working IN the business and the working ON the business.

Sadly, over time… the working ON tends to become less and less… and the tug of war shifts between the daily tasks, balancing revenue, paying expenses and keeping on top of the work load.

So if future growth of your business is vital for sustainability….why is it that the URGENT tasks always seem to get in the way?

I believe it is because at some point we have allowed distractions and disruptions to get in the way and our core priority to develop the business has been demoted to… “When I can get to it” mode.

OR perhaps …dare I say, your own personal ‘priorities’ have shifted.

Whatever might be the case I would like to challenge you to really think about how important your business is to you …and what lengths would you go to future proof your businesses’ sustainability?

For me INFUZED is vitally important – I see an incredible future for my business and no matter how painful, difficult, time consuming or even frustrating it is…I will place my business as TOP priority by consistently working ON its future growth and eliminating distractions that may prevent me from doing so.

The great news is it will be REWARDING, INSPIRING, FULFILLING… and a lot of FUN!

This being said there is another question you may be wondering?

How do I develop the habit of making my business a priority?

There are several ways you can do this…here are some ideas:

  • Engage a Mentor and meet regularly

  • Set aside an hour each week to consider the opportunities your business has

  • Conduct Customer Surveys each quarter and set aside time to analyse the results and action steps to improve your product/service offering

  • Register and attend training/workshops that educate you further

  • Have regular meetings with set agendas that discuss topics about your business

  • Set quarterly meetings with your Accountant/banker to discuss budgets and forecasting.

These are just only a few small ideas but when you start to get creative you will be surprised and how many FUN ways there are to engage in your business planning on a regular basis.

One powerful way you can collaborate with others and gain support for your business is register as a GUEST at our INFUZED Business Group meetings either in Tauranga, The Mount or Papamoa.

We developed our Business Groups for this very reason…to EMPOWER, EDUCATE & EQUIP you for your business.

By committing an 1 hr ½ every fortnight you are guaranteed to work on aspects that will help you improve your business.

…And we are confident you will leave feeling inspired & re-fuelled to plan for your NEXT level in your business.

To find out more email me on [email protected]

Have an amazing rest of the week!