In our work and/or business we can often look at all the things we are lacking and create “mental” piles in our head that clutter our thinking and follow us around weighing us down.

Whilst most of these ‘lists’ are practical they can often blind sight us from the real value we have been creating/created thus far.

How we choose to ‘think’ and the energy we spend on our thoughts can and will affect us in our business.

At this particular time I can think of at least x5 things that I don’t have in my business that is weighing me down…

  1. A functional website and IT set up that does ALL I need it to
  2. Enough Cash Flow that supports ALL the growing needs of my business
  3. The ability to delegate ALL my administrative work
  4. A Meeting Co-ordinator to run one of my Business Groups
  5. TIME to do ALL my work that I need to do

Whilst these things are important you will notice that I use the word “ALL” in x4 out x5 of the things I need. When I took stock of what I meant by that word… I realised that being that general has created a “trying to eat the elephant ALL at once” scenario.

This is NOT healthy or constructive thinking.

So my strategy to overcome this is to actually look at what I do have in my business and then ask myself…

…What do I have in abundance in my business?

Often by looking at what we have a lot of …those very things are what we can use to help resolve the things we don’t have…now let’s look at my abundance list to see the contrast…

  1. Strategic ability to solve any problem I face
  2. Support from my Business Groups who will encourage me to move forward
  3. A NEW administrator who is willing to learn and grow
  4. A family who believes in me and my abilities
  5. Business Connections that can assist with my growth
  6. A GREAT branding Strategy & Business Identity that sets us a part
  7. NEW ideas that will attract new clients
  8. A fantastic Membership Consultant who can drive growth forward
  9. A strong personal presence
  10. PASSION for what I do

After reading this list for the 3rd time today my whole train of thought has shifted from feeling overwhelmed …to excitement and enthusiasm and my first list now doesn’t seem weigh me down so much.

And it really is as simple as that…

CHOOSE to acknowledge ALL the positive things you have going for you and for your business…FOCUS on what you do have in abundance…and then use that to fuel your business to overcome what you currently don’t have.

I am looking forward to hearing what our INfuzed members have in abundance at our next Business Group meetings.

I believe we will see three potential outcomes…

  1. Members being EMPOWERED to face their challenges with confidence because they are reminded of the strengths in their business.
  2. Members assisting others through EDUCATION.
  3. Members EQUIPPING others through their expertise.

I hope you enjoyed reading our blog … I shall leave you with this thought…

INfuzed INspiration: 

Being grateful for what you currently have can often switch your perspective of what is of value. When we choose to value the great things in our business – our business increases in value!

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