Often we get stuck with focussing on what we need MORE of in our business and forget to address what we need LESS of.

Over the past two years my list of what INfuzed needs has been growing considerably but the reality …. there has been MORE of what I need LESS of. These things can become debilitating if left over time – they tend to cloud thinking and require a lot of energy to maintain.

As they age old saying goes…LESS is MORE.

How can LESS be MORE?

It comes back to the 80/20 rule – SPEND 80% of your time developing the 20% of your client base that are actually serious about working with you. You will have MORE energy for each client and will feel LESS overwhelmed.

And although I am a numbers person I truly believe that quantity isn’t always the solution to focus on.

Here’s a question for you…

Which option below do you see being more beneficial for your business?

    • x300 clients spending an average of $1000 per annum OR
    • x50 clients spending $6000 per annum

If managed well the latter could take far LESS time & energy to maintain.

So, if we know this to be true …why do business owners spend countless hours overwhelming themselves with people, work or resources that aren’t particularly productive for their business?

Here are some the reasons why I have previously fallen into this trap:

  1. GUILT – because I think I should be busy ALL the time
  2. FEAR because I don’t want to run out of work/money
  3. LACK of education/experience in a particular area
  4. POOR time management as I have gotten caught up in the flurry of others expectations
  5. DISTRACTIONS and influences by others who appear to know what’s best for my business.
  6. Lack of DISCIPLINE or procrastinating about what really needs to be done

It’s pretty confronting to think that any one of these can get the best of us…and that’s why finding the right business support is vital for your business.

For example, most networking groups focus on having a large number of members in each group (ie 20+) because ‘numbers’ is deemed to deliver BETTER results or they may have other strategic reasons why. (PLEASE don’t get me wrong – I am VERY pro networking)

With INfuzed Business Groups – we are going against the grain because we believe the quality (not quantity) of our members is our BIGGEST focus. We see the value in having LESS members in our groups and therefore our members have MORE time to share and support one another.

There goes that LESS is MORE scenario again.

Over this next week I would love for you to think seriously about what your business could have LESS of and write at least x3 down to share with us at our next INfuzed Business Group meeting.

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I hope this blog has helped you in some way and may you have an amazing week!