So here I am at 2am… not being able to sleep –a heavy burden weighing on my heart and mind since 1am. When I think about the other times this has happened I am reminded that it is better for me to get up to do something productive then to lie in bed driving myself crazy trying to get back to sleep.

Already I feel a little better….less stressed – at least I am getting some work done!

The unusual thing is I was able to go to sleep last night …but then found myself waking up at about 1am as though it was 6am … almost like my internal body clock was saying ‘Ok, time to get up now…you have got stuff to do!’

This is quite different to not being able to go to sleep in the first place. Falling asleep and then waking up means I had enough peace to fall asleep however subconsciously I was very disturbed and that was what broke me from my sleep.

You may be wondering, what got you up?

Well, in a nutshell I don’t have peace with a situation that needs resolving. It’s a BIGGIE and affects what I value highly. As much as I have tried to resolve the situation in my head …it requires much more than that.

How do I find peace at 2.07am in the morning whilst everyone else is asleep?

Firstly, I think I need to face what really is bothering me. If I drill deep and be honest with myself the root of my not being able to sleep is FEAR.

At our last INfuzed Business Group Meeting one of our members described an acronym for FEAR.





There you have it, I admit it!

I am afraid of an outcome that may not happen but my FEAR is so great that I am visualising it happening. ARGGGG! Who wants that drama? Not me!

Amazing, just in that moment I felt so much better admitting to my FEAR.

What do I do with that now?        

Well, I think it is a case of the “serenity prayer” …God grant me the serenity to ACCEPT the things I cannot change, Have the COURAGE to change the things I can and …WISDOM to know the difference.

And just like the SERENITY prayer …there are already ANSWERS out there to help me…I just need to have faith and trust that I can overcome this …with the HELP of others!

Originally this blog was going to be about ‘authenticity’ and I was going to ask the question – is it going out of fashion? Well, instead of asking that question I have chosen to set the example…let’s choose to be honest with ourselves…AND others. You will be amazed at those who are willing to HELP you just because you have been honest about what you are really going through.

Today, I would like to encourage you to FACE whatever it is that might either GET you up at 1am OR is disturbing your sleep.

The power of your sub conscious mind is so great that it alerts you when you have to deal with something, unfortunately (and especially in my case this morning) this can come in the form of deprived sleep.

And not all ‘waking up at 1am’ is to do with problems – sometimes I have woken up because I am so amped with all the things that I have to do that my sub conscious mind doesn’t want to delay anything. Generally, I will use that time to get work done. Once I have completed a few tasks then the body starts to wind down and I want to fall back to sleep asleep again. Which fortunately right now seems to be the case. So I am guessing I have resolved a few things just by writing this.

If you have had a few of those 1am moments and need support in your business in an environment where you can feel safe to share about what is really going on for you… PLEASE register to attend one of our INfuzed Business Group Meetings either in Tauranga, Mount or Papamoa by emailing [email protected]. I am confident you will enjoy the experience and our members will be open to supporting you in any way they can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this…and I wish you peaceful sleep in the future.