Often when we start out in business we have high expectations of what we hope to achieve and we expect or hope for results in a short time frame.

Yet the reality is that in order to be successful in business we need a lot of endurance, hard work and the ability to keep up with new developments in our market place whether we have been in business 18 months or 18 years.

Most business owners seek sustainability in their cash flow and in order to achieve this they find themselves constantly reviewing their product/service offering to keep up with their competition.

But rather than look at what everyone else is doing have we really looked at what our number one weapon in our business is?

Some may call this their “Point of difference” whilst others may consider it to be the ‘people’ in their business that makes ‘the’ difference. Whatever you may consider it to be I think it is vital that every business owner reviews what it is that ‘entices’ their customers to use their product/service above everyone else.

We are not talking about the ‘fancy’ sales lines that turn heads…we are talking about your core ‘value proposition’ that isn’t just relying on a client’s interpretation of ‘intrinsic value’. We are looking for true value that your clients can experience.

For example if you know that you have the BEST designers in town… that could be your ‘weapon’ OR if it is the experience you carry in your industry –then that could also be your weapon. Your weapon is similar to your ‘point of difference’ however it can also be something that your client will experience once they start dealing with you.

When you know what weapons you have and you have identified what your number one weapon is …you will find that you will hold your head a little bit higher… and your confidence will be that much more …and then your clients will experience it, your industry will know it and your team will live it.

Going into business is likened to going into battle… you need to carry an arsenal of weapons that can help you fight the good fight and succeed.

When you know and are confident about what your ‘number one’ weapon is …you then can face whatever obstacles, battles, mountains or road blocks that come your way because you can stand in a place of strength and confidence.

What would your number weapon be in your business?

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