Many of us operate our daily lives with ‘key’ disciplines from as simple as brushing our teeth, eating breakfast, walking the dog, exercising, washing our clothes, making our bed and turning up to work every day.

Without disciplines in place there is likely to be less order in our own lives and ultimately we will end up unhappy or make those around us very unhappy.

To move forward in our personal and business life we need to decide on the ‘key’ disciplines that we must practice daily/weekly/monthly and even yearly. Some we may find easier to do whilst others we may need to create a checklist, get help or have obvious reminders that keep these important things on our priority list.

Typically, most business owners go into business with a key skill that they begin their business with; for example a mechanic may open his own mechanic shop, a hairdresser opens her own hair salon. Whilst they may be great at what they do the biggest challenge is learning to operate a successful business that encompasses everything that is needed. And usually there are gaps that the business owner struggles to fill themselves.

This is where understanding what ‘key’ disciplines you need to have in place is vital for your business.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do EVERYTHING – it just means that you need to have measures and disciplines in place to keep your business momentum growing.

Here’s the top x5 areas that I believe you need to keep checking and build disciplines around– you may have some of your own to add – and that’s great! This is about recognising what is vital in order for your business to succeed.

  1. Growth
    1. New business prospects –who are they and where are they?
    2. Staffing needs for today and tomorrow
    3. Systems & procedures updates
    4. Capital needed to grow
    5. Strategy planning
  2. Product/Service delivery
    1. Have you identified your service promise?
      1. If yes, is it realistic?
      2. If no, what do you want to achieve and how can you deliver this?
    2. Are you providing value for money?
    3. Are you delivering on what you say you are?
      1. If no, why not? And how can you fix this?
  3. Customer Experience
    1. What does your customers say about you?
    2. What makes your customer service experience unique?
    3. What improvements can you make?
  4. Technology & Communications
    1. Is it functioning well for your business operations?
    2. What limitations are you facing?
    3. What new platforms can you explore to help your business?
  5. Cash flow
    1. What money do you have in the bank?
    2. Who do you need to pay?
    3. What is yet to come in?
    4. What expenses can you tighten up on?
    5. Who do you need to chase for payment?
    6. What additional capital do you need to meet your business needs?

For me, 5 key disciplines that are really important right now:

  1. Continue to educate myself on what is going on in my market
  2. Use resources that help me develop better systems and procedures.
  3. Stay focussed
  4. Keep positive &
  5. Continue to believe in the positive outcomes my business is achieving for others.

Sometimes the disciplines that have the most impact are to do with the mind-set we choose each day. As a business owner for the past 11-12 years I understand the challenges, struggles and heart aches a business can bring …and that’s why I believe that what we are doing in our INfuzed meetings really matter.

We believe that YOU as a business owner matters…and therefore we have created an environment where you can share, offload and input into others in such a way that goes beyond empowerment.

It’s about giving…and how much greater would our business world be if we associated more with givers?

If you would like to find out more about how to register as a guest at one of our Business Groups please email us on [email protected]. We would love for you to join our empowering business community!