At our last INfuzed Biz Group we shared about the purpose for INfuzed and Why INfuzed was launched in October 2013.

Although I had clarity over the concept of INfuzed and why we created the support network – I hadn’t sat down and written the key aspects and raw purpose of INfuzed Business Group.

It wasn’t until I had done this with a trusted Business Mentor (thank you Roberta @ Budz Services) that I was able to capture ON PAPER the true purpose of INfuzed.

It was incredible what this simple exercise achieved.


I was reminded of the true HEART of my business and WHY we created it and also my OWN needs.


I was able to capture the NEXT LEVEL marketing messages that I need to be implementing for this year.

WOW! what a break-through!

Some of you may be wondering….how does this apply to me? … I have done this exercise many moons ago and have been in business many years – I know this already!

Whilst, that may be true …it is still important to review EVERY year and be CLEAR on what the PURPOSE for your business is at that present time.

As our business environment, family life and situations change… often we can be distracted or even seduced by other factors that can pull us away from our PURPOSE or in fact change our PURPOSE without us even realising it.

PURPOSE gets you up every day, drives you to work and pushes through those barriers, challenges and obstacles that at times seem impossible to overcome. If the actions you are taking in your business is taking you away from your core purpose – you will feel it, your market will feel it and your customers will know it and respond accordingly.

The business world has immensely changed due to many online marketing and resource tools. The kinds of products and services available today compared to 20 years ago is so insanely different that we must keep up with this intense pace. In order to suvive in this evolving environment we need to make sure we can stand out in all the online noise.

I believe we can stand out by having genuine purpose for our business and reminding ourselves daily to ensure we take ACTION to meet that purpose.

The worlds of SALES and CUSTOMERS are now looking for genuine people with genuine products and services they can rely on. There are so many cowboys out there I feel we need to do something about it by bringing together a community of business people that want to make a difference and have genuine PURPOSE for their business.

And that leads me to the TRUE and GENUINE purpose for INfuzed:


INfuzed is a Business Support Network helping business owners implement Better Business Principles and Grow the heart of their business through deeper belief, greater confidence, hope and faith.


INfuzed Business Group changes lives through business growth.

INfuzed sets up domino chains for business growth

Purpose of INfuzed:

INfuzed Business Group will provide long term financial stability for the Cameron household while allowing Zita to grow both personally and professionally.

INfuzed Business Group provides clients with hope, ideas, support and opportunities to develop personally and professionally by using tools and resources of other members as well as services recommended by members.

INfuzed Business Group helps businesses develop business principles to grow the economy and improve employment opportunities.

Values of INfuzed, Based on the 3 Es

Educate = Continuous learning for everyone and daring to be different in business

Empower = Belief in self and what they are doing – encouraging uniqueness

Equip = supportive connected resources and people.

If you would like to share your purpose, please comment or share. We value your input!